Rogaland tempts with elongated fjords, shopping opportunities, western Norway's largest adventure park, the place where Norway was united into one kingdom. We have collected some of our best treasures below.

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Warm orange sunrise at the Preikestolen in the summer in Norway

Pulpit rock

The pulpit rock by the Lysefjord is a natural gem and is one of Norway's biggest tourist magnets, and rises 604 meters above the Lysefjord. It is an hour's drive from the campsite.


Norwegian Outlet

Norwegian Outlet Stavanger is actually located on Ålgård and is only 10 minutes walking distance from the campsite.

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Kongeparken is Western Norway's largest adventure park and the attraction in Rogaland with the highest number of visitors. In Kongeparken, the whole family can enjoy more than 60 experiences and activities! In Kongeparken you can experience the magical chocolate factory where the children make real Freia milk chocolate. Kongeparken has many offers - including Norway's longest bobsled track, hummingbird band, Norway's largest carousel - Humla and Norway's highest carousel and teddy bear hotel. Kongeparken is within walking distance of the campsite



Månafossen is a waterfall located in the innermost part of Frafjord in Gjesdal municipality and it has a drop of 92 meters. A spectacular sight, if you go further you will come to Mån which is a nice day trip with the possibility of accommodation.



Jærstrendene is the beach area from Tungenes in the north to Sirevåg in the south and has a length of 70 km. Here there are 25 km of sandy beaches, the rest is pebble beach and moraine coast. A distinctive feature is that the sea is right on land, and there is no skerries along the Jær coast.

Famous rock wedged and completely stuck between the walls of two steep cliffs in Kjerag Mountains, Norway


Kjerag is a mountain plateau on the south side of the Lysefjord. 2-3 hour walk walk with fantastic nature before you reach the kjeragbolten which is a rock wedge stuck in a gorge in the mountain 959 masl. Driving time from the campsite 1.5 hours.



Kvadrat is one of Norway's largest shopping centers with its 170 stores under one roof. If you are going shopping, this is the place, here you are not looking here you will find. The shopping center is 15 minutes by car from the campsite.



The Jærmuseet on Nærbø is part of a regional science center for the south-west of Norway. The slogan "learning through doing" is a key word. Here you get to try and test and there are both indoor and outdoor activities.


Amfi Ålgård

Ålgård has a shopping center, Amfi Ålgård. With its 30 shops and a Café, this is definitely worth a trip. The shopping center is a 10-minute walk from the campsite.

Three large stone swords against the blue sky.

Sverd i fjell

At Hafrsfjord you will find the monument Sword in the mountains. The story goes that it was here that Harald Hårfagre gathered Norway into a kingdom in 872. The monument consists of three swords set in the ground, and it stands for peace, unity and freedom. The heroes of the Viking worlds are taken from swords found in different parts of the country. The monument was made by Fritz Røed (1928-2002), and was unveiled by King Olav in 1983.



Edlandshagen, also called «perlå», Ålgård's finest bathing spot is centrally located on Ålgård. 15 minutes walk from the campsite.